Gift Guide for Me: Holiday Wish List

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I’m notorious for being difficult to shop for. There isn’t much on my Holiday wish list, at least not things that I readily remember! I also have a habit of mentioning that I like something and then just buying it for myself. Matt has to remind me multiple times a season not to do this! Having just gotten back from vacation, I spent the better part of our layover answering a question that you guys and my family have been asking me a lot lately. What do I want for Christmas? Well, here is my Holiday wish list!

1. Chenille Beanie: You can never have too many cold weather accessories. Especially ones that are incredibly soft, under $25, and don’t irritate your skin!

2. Leather Work Tote: This is more of an investment that I don’t actually expect to get from anyone but I’ve been wanting a Mansur Gavriel tote for years. My current work tote has been through a lot over the past 6 months and is on its way out so I’m looking for a high quality replacement! I love that the inside of these bags is a different color than the outside. Now I just have to pick what color I wanted (this pink one went with the collage the best but there are tons of colors here).

3. Beats Wireless Headphones: So this is an item Matt actually already got me this year and I am 100% obsessed. I love the matte gold color, the battery lasts a long time, you can charge them with your regular iPhone charger, they’re super easy to pair with your iPhone, and the sound quality is amazing. Is that enough reasons to add them to your wish list?

4. Grey Wool Coat: I have this coat in black and red but have always wanted the grey. Since grey is my favorite color, I figured why not add it to my list this year?

5. S’well Marble Water Bottle: This is another item that, every time I see one, I think to myself “I want one of those”. So when I finally sat down to make a list, I added this. There are a bunch of different colors and styles here!

6. Knit Pillow: With winter here, I love all chunky knits. If you ask Matt, I also love pillows. Lately, I’ve been wanting to redecorate our living room so I’m starting with pillows (they’re the easiest and quickest way to refresh your space)! This one is $24 and comes in 4 colors!

7. Makeup Brush: One of those items that delights you to receive it but for some reason seems less exciting when you buy it for yourself. Good makeup brushes are a necessity and although I clean mine regularly, it’s time for a new set for me. I love all the Hourglass brushes but this one is at the top of my list this year!

8. Valentino Pumps: Y’all know I love a good pump for the office. I’ve had my eye on these forever. Valentino is my favorite luxury designer and while I don’t expect to get this from anyone, they are definitely on my wish list! I also love the beige!

9. Marble Diffuser: I’m SO excited for this gift! I’ve been wanting to get into essential oils more and I want this for our home! Matt already pre-approved this one!

10. Silver Long Necklace: I have this one in gold and wear it so much that I want it in silver for all my cool toned outfits! This necklace is a visual slimmer – playing an optical illusion of lengthening your body. I wear it with all my chunky knits!

11. UGG Boots: Matt hates UGGs with such a passion but since this move to Chicago, I’ve found myself wanting a new pair more and more. My current ones are just so easy to slip on, keep you super warm, and are great for running errands or walking to work. I love these grey ones but they also come in black and brown!

12. Fringe Scarf: I’m such a creature of habit! I own this scarf (under $50) in 3 colors but want this unique pink color too! This is how you know an item is really good.

13. Cute Pajamas: Not going to lie, most of my sleep outfits consist of comfy tees and Lululemon shorts. This year was the first year I actually bought cute PJs back in July and I’ve loved how they feel and look. I’m working on expanding my collection and crossing my fingers for a couple cute pairs this holiday!

14. Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan: I tried to buy this in this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but my order got cancelled at least 3 times because they ran out of stock in my size! It’s still not available in this color but it is in 7 other gorgeous colors (I also want the grey)!

15. White Nikes: I really want a pair of white Nikes! I don’t know why but buying myself running shoes is way less exciting that receiving them as a gift!

16. Convertible Mittens: In cold weather, it’s so important to have convertible mittens/gloves that keep your hands warm even when you have to use your phone. Tech gloves rarely work well (at least I’ve found) so that’s why I love these! I bought these in another color last year and they were so soft I wore them almost exclusively all last winter!

17. Travel Case for Tech Cords: Having just gotten home to a purse full of tangled cords, this gift couldn’t have popped up in my search results at a better time. Even if you aren’t traveling and just want a cute way to keep things organized around the house, I love this idea because it’s a little more unique!

18. Karen Walker Sunglasses: Another item that I own but want in another color (they’re that good). I have had my eye on these forever! I find these glasses to be some of the most universally flattering ones and I constantly get compliments on the tortoise ones I own.

Let me know what you think!