Chicago Blackhawks Game + Giveaway

*In partnership with the Chicago Blackhawks.

chicago blackhawks hockey game

I finally went to a Chicago Blackhawks game!!! And it was so much fun! I’d heard so much about the Blackhawks and how entertaining the hockey games were that I’ve been dying to go! I’d definitely recommend grabbing tickets if you’re in the city or coming for a visit.

The Blackhawks are Chicago’s hockey team for anyone not from Chicago or not familiar with hockey! Their following is HUGE in the Chicagoland area and even into Indiana. They won the Stanley cup in 2014-15 so their team is competitive. This is also probably why everyone in the city talks about the Blackhawks. They even have their own retail stores in Chicago, not to mention the Madhouse Team Store at the United Center where they play!

So why was the game so fun? The energy in the stadium was insane! Everyone was so excited, people were on their feet clapping, and things moved fast. As someone who spends most of the summer counting down minutes until the baseball game is over, I appreciated all of these things. The game felt like it went by in minutes because there was so much going on in the best possible way. Even if you aren’t a hockey fan, it’s definitely a quintessential Chicago experience that anyone can enjoy. I WISH that these photos could capture the magic of the night but they can’t. The fans, the music, and the atmosphere all surpassed my expectations! Not to mention the United Center has some of the best stadium food of all the arenas in Chicago!

We also stopped at Madhouse Team Store to see the Chicago Blackhawks gear and they had so many options! It’s a little chilly in the arena because of the ice so you might want to pick up a cute hoodie! They also had a photobooth in the store which Matt and I took advantage of before the game!

I’m also SO excited to give away 2 tickets to a Blackhawks game this season! They can be somewhat challenging to get because the demand is so high so I’m happy I can do this for y’all! The winner gets to pick the home game they want to attend too! Follow along on Instagram for directions on how to enter!

Have you been to a Chicago Blackhawks game? Are you a hockey fan?

Let me know what you think!