How to Decorate a Cozy Home

how to decorate a cozy home by Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

Plaid Pajamas | Over the Knee Socks | Knit Throw Blanket | Burgundy Pom Pillow | Fur Pillow | Faux Shearling Pillow | Fairy Lights

If there’s anything I’ve learned from moving to the Midwest, it’s that having a cozy home is important. Maybe it’s not the move. Maybe it’s just wanting to have a cute home! There’s nothing like snuggling up on the couch and being so comfortable that you could fall asleep right there. With winter in full force, there is no better time to spend a little time focusing on where you’ll be spending a little more time the next few months: indoors! Here are my tips for how to decorate a cozy home!

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How to Prep Your Home for Fall (and Winter)

Jenna Colgrove cozying up on the Wilcot couch with a fur blanket and a knit throw.

White Sectional Couch | Fur Throw Blanket | Brown Fur Pillow | White Fur Pillow | Ivory Buckle Pillows | Beige Area Rug | White Area Rug | Coffee Table | TV Stand | Arc Floor Lamp

After chatting beauty, style, and 10 random things this move to Chicago has taught me, it only feels right to talk about home decor. Especially since Midwesterners spend a lot of time at home during the colder months. So let’s talk ways to make your space visually appealing so you’re not sick of it by December! After all, having company over and hearing them say your home is like something off of Pinterest really makes a girl feel good.

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Living Room Pops of Color for Spring

Neutral living room with blue pops of color with Ashley Home.

This is big guys! I finally incorporated color into our home! As a self-proclaimed lover of neutrals (have you seen our master and guest bedroom?), this was a step slightly outside my comfort zone. However, once I saw these blue pillows in our living room, I saw that I’ve clearly been missing out! How perfect are these shades of blue for spring?

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Fall Refresh: A Living Room with Ashley HomeStore

At home with fashion blogger Jenna Colgrove on her Ashley Home Wilcot couch.

White Sectional Couch | Fur Throw Blanket | Brown Fur Pillow | White Fur Pillow | Ivory Buckle Pillows | Beige Area Rug | White Area Rug | Coffee Table | TV Stand | Arc Floor Lamp

A month and a half after the move, we finally have a living room!! While I can’t guarantee any other room is put together, I’m thrilled to share this part of our new home! If some of the items look familiar, that’s because they are (see our first living room reveal here). We brought our favorite pieces from Ashley HomeStore with us to Chicago. With fall in full swing, I wanted to do a little refresh with accent pieces to show how easy (and affordable) it is to transform your space.

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Living Room Reveal with Ashley HomeStore

Neutral and grey sofa couch

After many nights of being used as your husband’s footrest, you start to realize the importance of having a comfortable couch. The constant shifting around while binge watching House of Cards and Downton Abbey is just too much. At least, it was for me. So, we got rid of our sofas entirely and I went to work redesigning the living room with Ashley HomeStore! We definitely had no place to sit for a few weeks but on the plus side, the open space was well utilized for my clothing and incoming blog packages. See here for my feature on their blog too!

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