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Table and Chairs (3 colors available!) | Teal Dinnerware | Orange Dinnerware | Teal Cups | Salt and Pepper Grinder (we love this one!) | Corn Grillers | Placemats | Cloth Napkins

With summer almost over, I decided to finally get some outdoor entertaining items. Great timing, right? Yeah, I know. Matt’s been telling me about this since about February. In my defense, the weather in Chicago doesn’t allow for even thinking about outdoor dining until June. But that’s neither here nor there. See what we got and what you can find at Bed Bath & Beyond!

First things first, we needed a table. Knowing that the weather here is brutal, I didn’t want something ultra expensive. That just isn’t feasible for the climate and also for life in an apartment! So this black table and chairs set seemed like the perfect option for us. It also comes in a gorgeous red color as well as navy blue! Can you believe the black set is only $136? When you have a small space, this is the perfect option for a side table while entertaining your guests.

Next, I wanted to bring some color to the table. Knowing Matt would have never been okay with a bold statement table, I took a few risks there! I’ve always loved how teal and orange looked together so when I saw these plates, I jumped on it. They come in packs of 4 which is really convenient too! Whether you’re looking for other colors or perhaps even some prints, there are tons of other melamine (outdoor friendly) options. My runners up were these polka dotted Kate Spade plates and these cute cactus printed ones!

Matt and I are always fighting over cups since we drink so much water at home. It’s hard to find a glass that can survive my clumsiness and Matt’s “strength”. These diamond iced tea glasses┬ácame in a set of 8 so we’ll be stocked up for awhile! They are a great size (i.e. they can hold a lot) and are dishwasher safe just like the plates. Hello easy clean up! We use this glassware set for our more formal dining indoors!

If you’re throwing a party, there are so many outdoor entertainment items available to really go all out. I always like the idea of beverage dispensers with iced tea or lemonade that people can fill at their own convenience! I also found this margarita maker which makes perfectly blended drinks. If you and your friends are more wine drinkers, I love these stemless glasses that are shatterproof. Sounds like a crucial element for having some company over!

This may seem a little random but this salt and pepper shaker is a must in our house. We are on our second one we love it that much, I dropped the cap to one of the ends behind the oven and we can’t reach it so I had to order another. OCD much? This newer version is way better because the caps are even easier to get off. I strongly recommend this one! It’s also so convenient when you’re cooking to have both seasonings in one spot.

Since Matt has been getting into grilling a lot, I picked up this corn griller set to make things a little easier on him! We also use a vegetable tray a lot. Since I’m vegetarian, it keeps the veggies from touching the same surface as the meat! Matt’s favorite thing to grill for me is mushrooms (because they’re my favorite). He’s been trying out different marinades which is just the cutest thing. Keep in mind that before last year, the guy didn’t know how to cook a single thing in the kitchen so I like to encourage him whenever I can! I also got him some cedar planks to give his salmon and steak a little more flavor. It’s important to reward your guy, right? If you’re starting from scratch, there are tons of grilling tools available at great prices!

If you’ve got a larger space, Bed Bath & Beyond has some really cute garden decor, outdoor rugs, and patio umbrellas! Just browsing the website gave me a serious urge to nest! For now, I’m content to enjoy this little setup we have going right now. I can’t wait to enjoy a few nights out on the balcony with Matt during the end of summer!

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  1. This little set-up is so adorable! Perfect for date night! Loving the colors you chose too!

  2. Such a great selection of cute dinnerware. Loving the color combinations. Need an invite to share a meal out there!

  3. I love those plates! They add a great pop of color to your patio and are perfect for entertaining.


  4. First of all, the view from your balcony is amazing! Secondly, I love bed bath and beyond, and We actually really need some new every day plates!

  5. I just adore that table and chairs! We may be moving to an apartment with a small balcony, and this would be perfect. Bed Bath & Beyond always has great stuff!


  6. This is such a cute setup and I’m impressed with how spacious this looks bc I know Chi balcony’s are not the biggest! Also, I’m going to go eat some fruit now! :)

    xo, Sara

  7. This setup is soooo cute! So perfect for entertaining. Will definitely have to check out BB&B for some new goodies for our house.

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