5 Reasons You Should Invest in Designer Shoes

invest in designer shoes by popular Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile. While I love deals and items under $50, I think that it’s also helpful to know the “big ticket” items that are worth splurging on. So here’s why I think you should invest in designer shoes.


Buying a pair of designer shoes isn’t something that happens overnight. At least for me it wasn’t. It wasn’t until a few years into my career that I’d saved up enough to buy my first pair. Purchases like these aren’t split second decisions (unless, of course, you’ve got extra cash on hand). So, I get the challenge and the struggle with the concept of making a big purchase. I’m all about balance too. I love a great designer piece but I love a great deal too. Mix it up. Don’t feel obligated to a have a closet full of big names. Here are the 5 reasons I invest in designer shoes.

Lower cost per wear (CPW).

You guys know I love math and finance. Cost per wear is a metric that takes the total cost of the shoe divided by the total times you’re able to wear them. With designer shoes, the cost is higher, however the number of wears is also higher. With the cheaper, under $100 options, the wears tend to be lower. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to re-buy the same basic pair of Steve Madden heels. It’s pretty much every season. The fact is, they just don’t last. Meanwhile, I’ve worn these Valentino heels to just about every fancy event for the last 5 years. And guess what. You’d never know they’re that old because they still look amazing. In the long run, it’s actually easier on your wallet.


The quality of more expensive products is undeniable. This is related to the above point on CPW. If you have better quality shoes, they will last longer. Brands just can’t give you that same level of quality for under $100. That’s totally fine for the snow boots that you’re going to beat up this winter but for a great pair of heels? I’d rather have one great quality pair than 10 less than perfect ones.


While this is definitely not true for every designer shoe, I find that well made shoes tend to be more comfortable. Therefore, I can wear them longer, physically. Do your research. Try them on in store. And stick to your designer once you found the one that works for you. I have literally danced all night in my Valentino heels. In fact, I took them on my sister’s bachelorette party and opted to wear them for a second night over my cheaper shoes because they were more comfortable. There is nothing worse than throbbing feet. While some discomfort might be unavoidable depending on what you’re doing, don’t make it worse!

Elevate your look.

Designer shoes have the ability to elevate your look no matter what else you’re wearing. Even if you’re wearing a $20 top. As a girl who loves to mix high end and low end items, I can’t tell you how many times people have been in disbelief at how affordable my outfit is because I’m wearing my Valentinos (told you Valentino is my brand!). I also find Ferragamo to be incredibly comfortable and I love Prada (such classic styles). Clothing tends to go in and out of style really fast. However, a classic pair of pumps or heeled sandals don’t. That’s why I prefer to invest in designer shoes. I never liked that Forever 21 look – I was always drawn toward a more elevated style. Even though I share a lot of basics and workwear here on Visions of Vogue, I almost always dress up with designer accessories when I’m going out.


Sales do happen. If you missed last weeks post on one website with great deals on designer, there are ways to get items on sale and also not pay tax on them (if they’re international websites). Getting a discount makes buying designer shoes even more of a no brainer. Another tip is that you live by an outlet, check in frequently for new inventory. I know Cabazon in Southern California was one of the best places to shop my favorite brand: Valentino. Keep your eye out for end of season sales, check pre-owned websites like The Real Real, or watch for sample sales like on RueLaLa.

Do you have a pair of designer shoes or do you have your eye on some? What brand? Do you invest in designer shoes? Please share!

PS. I found these while writing this post and am obessed!

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Invest in Designer Shoes

  1. Shoes and handbags are where I spend most of my money. Like you I totally feel that a great pair of shoes can elevate an entire look. I have a difficult time paying over a $100 for a top, or $200 for a dress (unless its really something special) but I opt for designer shoes every time I have the opportunity. Shoes are a perfect statement piece and I love that quality shoes can become a wardrobe staple for years.

  2. Cost per wear…I need to explain this to my husband! Shoes definitely put together a look and not gonna lie here….I pick out my shoes before I pick out a new outfit! They just make my look feel so much more put together. I agree that splurging on designer shoes can save you money in the long run because buying a classic pair of designer nude pumps are going to last longer than any normal pair you pick up. Love this post and completely relate! #shoegirlforlife

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