3 Natural Melasma Treatments

how to get rid of melasma and acne scars

I get this question a LOT. It seems like a lot of us are currently struggling with melasma. Whether we’ve had it since we were 13 (like me!), we’re recently pregnant, or aging, we all want the same thing. To get rid of it. So what are natural ways to treat melasma? The plus side? these products also help acne scars. 

Before I dive in, here’s something to watch out for when it comes to treating melasma. Since melasma is hyperpigmentation, what is the natural thing to want to do? Bleach it. Right? Most bleaches contain a chemical called hydroquinone. I wrote about hydroquinone in my clean beauty series last year if you want to read more about it. In sum, it has been linked to causing cancer. If you want to see more ingredients to watch out for (and make sure aren’t in your beauty products), see the full toxic ingredient list here. You can click on every ingredient to see what it does!

Since melasma is a long term thing, we should proceed with caution when treating it. I mean, it’s not like melasma just disappears one day. In fact, it’s the opposite. It keeps getting WORSE! Add this to the list of things that we as women have to deal with! Would one container of bleach containing hydroquinone be okay to use? Sure. If I had a wedding or a major life event and my melasma made me too embarrassed for that event, I’d consider it. One tube or one bottle of anything won’t cause tons of harm, usually. It’s the prolonged use over a lifetime that causes health risks. Want to know more? Read this post on why reading the ingredients in your products is important.

So what is my approach? I use clean beauty products that are intended to brighten skin and even its tone. All of these are safe for pregnancy and nursing. If a product isn’t safe for pregnancy, that’s usually a great indicator you shouldn’t be using it at all. Ever. The results of this routine aren’t overnight. It’s a gradual process. Then again, some bleaches don’t really work either! However, they do work and effectively fade melasma and acne scars. They should also be part of your regular skincare routine anyway!

1. Brightening Face Oil. 

beautycounter brightening facial oil

When it comes to the holy grail of skincare, face oil is my ride or die. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my love of face oil is real. It’s the best thing you can do for your skin! And not just for treating melasma and acne scars! There are a slew of other benefits too. Read about all the good things face oil does here. Beautycounter makes my favorite one because it has all these benefits AND it brightens the appearance of your skin while evening skin tone. This one smells like citrus and I find it to be very refreshing.

In additional to reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, try incorporating face oil into your skincare routine overall. Here is a quick recap of my skincare routine! You can also watch me walk through it in my Instagram highlights!

2. Overnight Resurfacing Peel.

beautycounter resurfacing peel

As the name implies, you will see overnight results from this peel. Don’t worry, nothing too drastic will happen while you sleep. However, you will notice your skin is visible brighter after you start using it. The AHA/BHAs improve texture and minimize pores, fine lines, and dark spots in a safe/clean way. Dull skin is removed and hyaluronic acid reveals younger looking skin.

This is also a must have product for anyone concerned with anti-aging! This is hands down the best serum-like product I’ve ever used. It also lasts 6 months which is more than I can said for anything else I’ve tried over the years. See the full list of serums I’ve tried here.

3. Toner Pads. 

beautycounter toner pads

I know this sounds weird but the Beautycounter toner pads contain citrus. Citrus is a natural brightener. Remember the days of putting Sun-In in your hair? Exactly. If you’re on a budget, definitely opt for the face oil and peel first. They are the most impactful. But incorporating the toner pads also allows me to spot treat by holding the toner pad on the darkened spot.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on Instagram! I’m always happy to help. These are the 3 products that I use to treat melasma though and they work! I also recommend wearing sunscreen religiously and protecting your face with hats or visors in the sun!

Let me know what you think!