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I talked a lot about beauty in January and it seems like you guys want more. One of the questions I got is what are the 10 best beauty products. So I got to thinking and here’s my list of the best beauty products of all time.


Before I jump in, let me make something clear. When I think of beauty products, the first thing that comes to mind is something that… well… makes you more beautiful. Something exciting. Something with a little bit of glam. I’m not about to round up the best shampoo or deodorant. Those kinds of products, while equally important in my personal care routine, are a little boring. So what are the products that get me most excited? Here goes; the 10 best beauty products.

1. Face oil.

Whether you’ve been following me for a day or a year, you probably know how much I swear by this product. Face oil gives you everything from the runway model glow to beautiful moisturized skin (even when it’s below 0 outside). It’s the one miracle product that I think every girl needs and here’s why. I know it might sound weird if you’ve never used a face oil before. Just trust me on this one. You need it. And yes, even if you have oily skin (it will help).

2. Wet brush pro.

While this might be a borderline boring product, I love brushing my hair. It makes your scalp feel so good and makes your hair look pretty at the same time. Who doesn’t want pretty hair? Hair makes a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. One of the keeps to keeping your hair healthy is a Wet Brush Pro. Note, not a regular Wet Brush. The Wet Brush Pro is key.

3. Body scrub.

This is one of those products I thought I didn’t need. Body scrub wasn’t a standard part of my routine until I tried this one. However, everyone knows the importance of exfoliating your skin so why not also exfoliate your entire body? This is one of those items that can make a girl feel lux and it takes a couple minutes in the shower. It also makes a great gift idea when you’re stumped and is 100% non-toxic. I use this every Friday to get my skin glowing for the weekend. It also helps moisturize too which is something I can’t say about any other shower product. If you have an event or just are planning to show off a little skin, this is a must have.

4. Suede matte lip crayon.

This is my all time favorite lipstick. Its staying power is impressive and every single shade looks good. I wrote a full post about it here. I’m a huge fan of a bold lip because I think it’s all you need most of the time. Want a pep talk about how you (yes, you) can rock a bold lip? You’re going to want to read this post. If you’re not a bold girl, this lip sheer comes in a very close second. Try the color Currant.

5. Toner.

If you’ve been following me for awhile then you also know how I feel about a toner. It’s another must have in the old beauty arsenal. If you’ve ever had an embarrassing zit (even it’s just once a year), toner will change your life. Plus knowing that you know what toner is used for and how to use it instantly ups your beauty cred. For some reason, this makes me feel glamorous in itself. I have two favorites. The first is by Sunday Riley and the second is this toner pad. I talk about them both in my post on my 6 step nighttime skincare routine.

6. Highlighter.

Admittedly, I’m just getting into the world of highlighter. I never got into bronzer – my face is already too boxy and my wedding makeup artist commented on it too many times for me to feel like I needed bronzer. But highlighter? Oh, let me show you the light. Quite literally. It’s the art of placing light on your face and I’m all about that. If you want to get that glow, highlighter and face oil are going to be your best friend. I’m loving the Becca one but next, I’m looking for a liquid one to test out.

7. Under eye corrector.

This is a gift from God. At this point in our lives, who doesn’t have dark circles? I’ve recently been testing out the Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector and am obsessed. I’ve tried a ton of products on these old eye bags and nothing works as good as this product. If you want to look awake, younger, and like you’re ready to conquer the world, this is a must have. I don’t know about you but that panda look is O-U-T.

8. Curling wand.

Like I said above, when you have great hair, you know. It changes how you feel about yourself completely. A 1-inch wand is key to creating those amazing loose waves that are so on trend right now. If you want to invest, try the T3. If you’re looking for a great budget friendly find, try this oneĀ (and then read this post on how to curl hair with a curling iron).

9. Face mask.

No, I’m not talking about a football foul, I’m talking about skincare. I love a good face mask. Don’t they say something like “you will never regret a face mask but you’ll regret skipping one”? Kidding. That’s a workout. But the same thing applies here. I have a trio of favorites. In no particular order, I love this balancing face mask, this one by GLAMGLOW, and this magnetic one (weirdest and coolest thing ever). Face masks are another item that reverse the toll of Father Time. Plus, they’re totally a “treat yo’self” thing.

10. Eyeshadow palette.

I don’t even care what eyeshadow palette you own. There’s something about holding a palette that makes you feel like the top Youtuber in the world. You become the Da Vinci of makeup and you are about to create some serious are. While the Huda Beauty one is uber popular, I’m more of a neutral girl myself thanks to a set of deep set eyes. The Naked 3 palette and this Ultimate Nudes palette are my personal faves.

Do you have any best beauty products that I missed? Please share! I’m always looking for things to try!


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