Navy Striped Dress and Pearl Sandals

navy madewell striped dress

Striped Navy Shift Dress | Olive Green Jacket (in the NSale! And similar if not in your size!) | Fringe Tote | Pearl Sandals (version for $25!) | Gold Tassel Necklace | Tortoise Sunglasses 

Sometimes, I just want to be casual. And when Matt and I are heading out to grab some takeout, there’s nothing I’d rather wear than a comfortable dress and the perfect summer sandals. Want to know what’s even better? I found duplicates for these pearl sandals for $25. No big deal.

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Cuba Travel Guide (Part 1)

blue and white striped dress in havana cuba

Cuba was a vacation unlike any other we’ve taken. It was a welcome difference from the trip to Mexico or 10-day European adventure. It was also extremely eye opening. If you’ve been wanting to go or are planning a trip, here’s what you need to know before you go.

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Friday Five: 5 of the Cutest Wedges for Summer

A feminine floral dress with a ruffle cold shoulder and brown suede espadrille wedges.

Wedges are like joggers. When you first see them, you try to decide if they’re cute or not. There’s a lot of grey area there. In the world of emojis, they’d get a one eyebrow raise face. Then, you see them styled cute on someone and you’re like “okay, maybe”. Say you’re bold enough to go try them on. Then you realize you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for height and you’re sold! HELL. YES.

I imagine this is also the thought process when crazy old ladies decide that wearing crocs is a good idea. Mom, please stop wearing crocs. And sorry for calling you out! However, the idea of wedges is a really good one. Here’s the disclaimer though: it depends on the wedge.

Truth be told, I used to hate wedges. Going through sorority rush I looked at our recruitment team like “are you serious?” when we were instructed to wear wedges for one of the days. As of late, wedges have come a really long way though in terms of cuteness. I definitely have my favorite brands that continue to deliver year after year. Before we dive in, here is this week’s recap of posts including a pretty amazing giveaway!

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Wrap Up Sandals with Ivanka Trump

The prettiest grey wrap up sandals for summer.

2 outfits, 1 post. I’d say it’s your luckiest Tuesday ever but honestly Tuesdays don’t have much going for them so that’s not an impressive statement. The only thing getting me through today is knowing I have dinner with the girls after work – excited for a little catch up (gossip) sesh!

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