Men’s Skincare Routine (And How to Get Your Man to Use One)

men's skincare routine

Taken in Greece (and totally posted on Facebook but I’m all about keeping it real!)

Getting a man to do something he doesn’t want to do is tough. If he doesn’t want to do something, newsflash, he isn’t going to. So how do you make him do something that’s good for him (like a skincare routine)? Persistence.

You dutifully perform your regime every night (here’s mine), maybe drop a few lines in there about how amazing your skin feels afterward. After hearing the word “skin” enough times, he’ll start to notice it. Maybe point out a wrinkle or two around his eyes. Gently, of course. Perhaps start with a face mask, share it on Instagram Stories (you know what I mean if you’re following me on Instagram). He’ll come around. Eventually…

So what does he really think about all these changes (aka improvements) you’ve been getting him into? Without further adieu, here are a man’s thoughts on a skincare routine. A word of warning, it’s “raw”.

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9 Things to Get For Your Guy: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

click on any of the items above to shop!

With all the excitement surrounding the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s about time I dedicated a post to the leading men in our lives. It’s so easy to get distracted by all the gorgeous tops, cute boots, and fun accessories. After all, they can use a little love every now and then!

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Friday Five: 5 of Summer’s Cutest Swimsuits (and What Men Think Of Them)

Most flattering peach bikini for curvy girls..

We all want to get into a guy’s head. I’m consistently amused by Matt’s take on everything. Today’s post is no different. You know all those adorable swimsuits you’ve been lusting over for summer? Here’s what men actually think about them.

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A Dress A Day: Baseball Game Dress (Day 12)

striped t shirt dress with a levi's jean jacket

Striped T-shirt Dress (also here) | Jean Jacket | Jack Purcell Sneakers | Grey Saddle Bag | White Sunglasses | Gold Line Earrings | Lipstick in ‘Babe Alert’

Take me out to the ball game… if you’ve been following me on IG Stories then you know I find myself at a baseball game more than I would have thought. Matt, my Instagram husband, does such a good job supporting this blog that the least I can do is watch some sports and crack open some peanuts. I know there are other “baseball wives” out there (because y’all have DMed me). So for those gals that find themselves in a stadium every few weeks, or days if you’re really lucky, here’s what to wear. With Memorial Day here, I bet there’s more than a few of you!

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6 Annoying Things About Living with Your Significant Other (Part 1)

his and her thoughts on living together

After almost 5 years of living together and 5.5 years since we met in a Vegas nightclub, Matt and I realized there are still mysteries in our relationship. They’re less about what the other person does at this point and more about why. You know, those shake your head moments that are so frustrating you can’t do anything but laugh? Or maybe shake your head and sink into the couch a little more? That’s what we’re talking about today. We rounded up a few of the habits that neither of us can seem to understand below. Hope you enjoy this peek into our cohabitation!

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