Navy Striped Dress and Pearl Sandals and Trendspin Linkup

navy madewell striped dress

Striped Navy Shift Dress | Olive Green Jacket (in the NSale! And similar if not in your size!) | Fringe Tote | Pearl Sandals (version for $25!) | Gold Tassel Necklace | Tortoise Sunglasses 

Sometimes, I just want to be casual. And when Matt and I are heading out to grab some takeout, there’s nothing I’d rather wear than a comfortable dress and the perfect summer sandals. Want to know what’s even better? I found duplicates for these pearl sandals for $25. No big deal.

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A Dress A Day: Fourth of July (Day 30)

fourth of july outfit inspiration

Striped One Shoulder Top | Midi Skirt (I wore this to work!) | Grey Suede Sandals | Blue Pom Beach Tote (linked to a bunch on sale below!) | White Tassel Earrings | California Necklace | White Sunglasses

It’s the last day of this series and I’m cheating. While it’s been so fun to share dresses for every occasion with you, I’d be lying if I said I’m not excited to finish it! I knew from the beginning it would be a ton of work. I didn’t know just how much it would be though. I also knew I’d need to get Matt (my Instagram husband) on board. What a trooper he is! In all fairness I initially asked him in a moment of weakness (AKA when he was a few beers in at a brewery). I know what I’m doing. But he agreed and I couldn’t be more grateful he helped me pull this off!

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A Dress A Day: Dinner on a Patio Dress (Day 13)

Faithfull The Brand Majorca Maxi in navy and white

Navy and White Striped Midi Dress | Brown Mules (almost identical for $70!) | Brown Barlow Bag | California Necklace | Line Earrings | Bracelet Stack here, here, and here | Tortoise Sunglasses | Lipstick in ‘Bawse’

I said this a few times since the move but patios are big here. Really big. If an establishment has a few slabs of empty concrete in front of it, it transforms into an outdoor eating locale come summer. These odd little corners seemingly pop out of nowhere! Somewhere, someone decides it’s time to set up the planter boxes and chairs and poof! What do you have? A patio fit for a casual date night. But what do you wear? This off the shoulder dress. And how perfect is this one for this A Dress A Day series?

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How to Wear Horizontal Stripes

karen walker number one

I used to think that I should never allow myself to wear horizontal stripes. You hear on the fashion segments on the news, read it in magazines, word of mouth, wherever, horizontal stripes make you look wider (which I’m assuming you don’t want).  Now, I’m not going to be revolutionary and tell you to only wear horizontal stripes but there is certainly a methodology for tackling this simple print.

1. Moderation: You’ve heard the adage “everything in moderation“. Abide by it. There is no need to be looking like Beetle Juice or a prison inmate.

2. Fit: Not everything needs to be super fitted. I used to overcompensate with bodycons (to show my figure) but realized that loose tees can be just as flattering like I’ve worn today. Plus loose tees are sooo comfortable (I sometimes fall asleep in mine). It just sometimes takes awhile to get that perfectly tucked into your shirt look. #amiright?

3. Size: The smaller the stripe the better if you’re worried about your appearance. If not, rock those thicker lines girl. Heck, Blair Eadie does it.

4. Style: Stripes can literally go with everything – they might as well be solids. Mix your prints, layer a striped tee under vest, have fun with it. Style it – don’t just put it on.

 That’s all I got. Those are my life altering insights. Enjoy your weekend babes!

Horizontal Stripes tee (this one is $15) | Ruffle trench coat | Paige Denim jeans | Sole Society booties | Karen Walker sunglasses | Shinymix cuff | Gold earrings

casual weekend outfit

gold fang earrings

beige booties

shinymix bracelet

horizontal stripes