Mustard Yellow Dress at the Langham Chicago with Dosh

Jenna Colgrove at the Langham in Chicago wearing a Privacy Please Delta dress in mustard yellow.

Mustard Yellow Dress | Audrina Ankle Strap Espadrille Sandals | Structured Trapeze Back | Tortoise Sunglasses | State Necklace | Red Fringe Earrings (so many cute colors!) | Marble Cocktail Ring (only $25!) | Lipstick in ‘Ruby Woo’

I’m super excited to share something different with you guys today! It’s the launch of an app called Dosh. These days, it seems like you can do everything from your phone. Navigate, pay for your groceries at the market, turn the thermostat down in your home… it’s crazy! But let’s bring it back to what matters to most of us girls: shopping: Whether you’re looking for a cute dress for wedding season or to book your next vacation, you want to make sure you get the best deal. Who doesn’t? Dosh is a new app on your smartphone that lets you do that.

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Floral Shimmer Shift Dress

Shimmer Floral Flounce Dress by LOFT in Miami Beach, Florida.

Shimmer Floral Flounce Dress (50% off right now!) | Blush Pink Rockstud Heels | Beige Trench Coat (my FAVORITE one I wear all the time!) | Dove Grey Bag (looks white!) | White Sunglasses | Pink Tassel Earrings | Lipstick in ‘Raspberry’

Matt really wanted me to start out this post with “sup ladies?” I couldn’t explain to him all the things that were wrong with that intro through my giggles. When people say “sup” it reminds me of high school. Specifically, instant messages on AIM in high school. No one uses that anymore! Except for the occasional creeper you meet at a bar that’s still living in the past.

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A Roomba Review + Yellow Floral Dress

Jenna Colgrove wearing a yellow J.O.A. cold shoulder floral dress.

Yellow Cold Shoulder Dress (under $100 and so flattering!) | Brown Suede Wedge Espadrilles | Gray Studded Bag | White Sunglasses | Gold Choker | Gold Y Necklace | Lipstick in ‘Raspberry’ (also worn here and here)

I’m not even going to pretend the title of this post makes sense. Those topics have little in common. My source of inspiration was literally looking around the room haha. First, our Roomba is currently running. Second, I’m wearing floral print but titling this blog post “yellow floral print dress” felt really boring. I have a “to do” to order a few things off Amazon tonight. Pretty basic, right?

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Pink Floral Wrap Dress

Jenna Colgrove wearing a Privacy Please floral wrap dress in pink for spring.

Floral Cold Shoulder Wrap Dress | GiGi New York Hannah Bag | Tan Sandals (this year’s version here!) | White Sunglasses ($12 option here!) | Gold Choker | Gold Y Necklace | Gold Bracelet Cuff | Lipstick in ‘Raspberry’

Y’all, I fell in love with this cold shoulder dress. I didn’t want to like it this much. But, I do. I don’t know if it’s the colorful floral print or how perfectly it fits (thank god for the wrap dress). I put it on and even Matt made a face. A good face, that is. If I had to pick one dress to buy this spring, this floral wrap dress would be it. Seriously. It’s that good.

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