Friday Five: 5 Date Night Ideas He Really Wants To Do

Couple stealing kisses in the city of Chicago on the riverwalk.

Just because Valentine’s Day is over, doesn’t mean you have to take a vacation on dating your significant other. I constantly try to get Matt to tell me what he wants to do but rarely do I get any kind of feedback. Usually, just grunts. Therefore, I enlisted Matt to write this post about 5 date night ideas guys actually get excited about. The results were interesting. I was pleasantly surprised to see I’ve at least executed 2 of the 5, phew! Here’s what he said…

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How We Met (From His Perspective)

Malibu beach engagement shoot.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today’s post answers a question that I always get asked: how we met. When I tell the story, it’s always met with shock. Yes, it’s a bit unusual but it worked. There’s no questioning that. Instead of listening to me though, there’s a twist. With all the females in the nation talking about this holiday right now (while males grumble), why not hear something romantic from a man? After all, those opporutnities can be few and far between. So, here are Matt’s unedited words about how our story began…

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10 Things I Learned From Living Apart From My Husband

Bohemian engagement shoot

Yesterday was the first day of Matt’s new job! For those of you that haven’t heard me mention him a million times, Matt is my husband. He’s also the man behind the camera when it comes to all things Visions of Vogue. When I announced our move to Chicago, I didn’t share many details. It wasn’t intentional. I just didn’t know them! I had gotten a new job in a whirlwind of events and Matt was still wrapping up his in Los Angeles! Neither of us had a clue when we’d be living together again. The only thing we could agree on was that we wanted to both be in Chicago ASAP!

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Gift Ideas for Him Under $50

Guys can be super tough to shop for. Every year I rack my brain for something to get Matt that isn’t a pair of crazy dress socks or another video game. He’s got a ton of both already. And bless his heart, he never asks for anything which makes things tougher. So, instead of attempting to guses what gift ideas would be great for a guy, I went straight to the source. This gift guide is 100% picked out by Matt! Not only that, but every item is under $50!

Gift ideas:

1. Clinique Great Skin For Him – Getting men to adopt a skincare regimen is no easy feat! Let’s just tell him we like a smooth face to kiss. Happy wife, happy life, right?
2. North Face E-Tip Gloves – These gloves are sleek, toasty warm, and allow him to scroll through Instagram searching for the latest memes in the cold.
3. Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones  – The only thing manlier than a glass of whiskey, is a glass of whiskey with some stones in it.
4. Fire Tablet, 7″ – This has all the features of an iPad, but at a fraction of the price. Perfect for streaming his favorite show, catching up on the news, or following his fantasy team each Sunday. I got Matt one for his birthday and you’d think it’s his baby!
5. Bosch GLM 10 Compact Laser Measure – Is it tough talking your guy into household projects? Having fun gadgets may help. You might end up with 10 different holes in the wall, but your favorite piece of art should be able to cover it!
6. Foam Roller – Foam rolling is like a deep tissue massage on dem and. For the guy that’s into fitness (whether a hardcore junkie or an avid gym goer), this is a perfect gift that you can use too!
7. Slammo – Perfect for tailgates or a day at the beach (an excuse to plan a winter getaway?). Guys always seem to be fascinated with anything sports related no matter how tacky we think it is!
8. International Adapter – A necessary travel accessory with a touch of style. Matt takes so much pride in having the proper electronics when we travel abroad! I make sure to compliment him on it ;)
9. Collar Stays – Collar stays are a must for any well dressed man. These feature a hidden magnet to keep his shirts looking crisp at all times!
10. USA Cufflinks – He can proudly support the USA at any formal event. Guys never seem to own cufflinks anymore! Let alone ones that are appropriate for the occasion. Matt wore Batman cuffs to an interview last week. I rest my case.

If you looking for a few splurge items, try this pressurized growler ($140) for the beer aficionado! Matt’s been really into the Untapped app and is a huge fan of craft beers so I can totally see why he picked this out. His second splurge pick was this Xbox One Bafflefield 1 Bundle. Video games are like second nature to guys it seems! I personally suck at them but I used to work in the industry to I understand the appeal! Let them live a little! The third idea is this Sonos Smart Speaker. This gift can also be great for the whole family. It’s a must have for your next holiday party.

See anything that caught your eye?