Why I Won’t Quit My Day Job

Navy blue blazer with a light blue button down top

Navy Blazer | Blue Button Down | White Skinny Jeans | Black Pumps | Black Tote | Black Sunglasses | Lipstick in ‘Swag’

Sticking with my promise from last week about posting what you guys want to see,  I’m talking about why I won’t quit my day job. I still work in an office Monday through Friday. Surprised? That’s why you rarely see me Snapchat or Instastories during the week. Aside from the fact I hate the sound of my voice, of course. Cubicle life isn’t interesting. Layer on fire drill after fire drill (how business-y of me to use that term?) and I forget I even have a phone most days.

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Instagram Husband (From His Perspective)

beach engagement session in malibu california

We’ve all heard about the Instagram Husband. If I could count the number of times people have sent Matt and I that article, well… I can’t. It is too many. Not surprisingly, Matt has his own thoughts on the subject too. He’s not one to hold back. So today, I’m giving him the floor to share what it’s like from his perspective. As my other half behind the lens and partner in this little venture called Visions of Vogue, he deserves at least that. And a whole lot of baseball (which I explained here). It’s not all a romantic walk on the beach!

From his perspective…

Four years ago I had an idea. At the time, it was a fairly simple idea. A hobby for my wife. Little did I know this idea would materialize into what it is today; a little blog you’re reading at this moment plus an Instagram account with well over 100 thousand followers. Similar to said blog, I also didn’t know this idea would materialize into a hobby for myself. No, I don’t consider being knowledgeable about crop tops, designer handbags, and ombré hairstyles a hobby. But for more spring style inspo, here’s what she’s been talking about lately. My hobby has become photography.  Read More

Friday Five: 5 Date Night Ideas He Really Wants To Do

Couple stealing kisses in the city of Chicago on the riverwalk.

Just because Valentine’s Day is over, doesn’t mean you have to take a vacation on dating your significant other. I constantly try to get Matt to tell me what he wants to do but rarely do I get any kind of feedback. Usually, just grunts. Therefore, I enlisted Matt to write this post about 5 date night ideas guys actually get excited about. The results were interesting. I was pleasantly surprised to see I’ve at least executed 2 of the 5, phew! Here’s what he said…

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How We Met (From His Perspective)

Malibu beach engagement shoot.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today’s post answers a question that I always get asked: how we met. When I tell the story, it’s always met with shock. Yes, it’s a bit unusual but it worked. There’s no questioning that. Instead of listening to me though, there’s a twist. With all the females in the nation talking about this holiday right now (while males grumble), why not hear something romantic from a man? After all, those opporutnities can be few and far between. So, here are Matt’s unedited words about how our story began…

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