A Dress A Day: Beach Cover Up (Day 15)

A white maxi beach cover up with orange and red tassels

Sundress Cover Up from Everything But Water | Floral Flat Sandals | Tassel Straw Tote | White Sunglasses | Similar Red Tassel Earrings | Bar Necklace 

It never ceases to amaze me that we spend 5 days a week working for every 2 we have off. Whoever thought up our work schedule was a masochist. I think we all need a little more vacation in our lives. While this will probably never happen, a girl can dream… about what to wear on vacation! Since we just got back from Mexico, let’s start there with a beach cover up!

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A Dress A Day: Memorial Day Dress (Day 14)

baby blue soprano cotton dress and a white jean jacket

Blue Cotton Dress (3 colors, only $39!) | White Jean Jacket | Similar White Sandals | Tote Bag (you can custom design one!) | White Sunglasses | Lipstick in ‘Bawse’

I’m not the “cute” girl. For so many reasons, I will never be the person that people refer to as cute. When it comes to physical size, I tower above all those girls and my bone structure makes me a top candidate for any football league (never had a broken bone). It also means that come patriotic holidays, a part of me cringes when I consider dressing up in red, white, and blue. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t done it. Trust me, I was all about the themed party particularly during my college years. But now, I settle for mixing 2 of the 3 colors. Call it me not wanting to look like I tried too hard. Or just keeping it chic without being kitschy. Read More


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A Dress A Day: Dinner on a Patio (Day 13)

Faithfull The Brand Majorca Maxi in navy and white

Navy and White Striped Midi Dress | Brown Mules (almost identical for $70!) | Brown Barlow Bag | California Necklace | Line Earrings | Bracelet Stack here, here, and here | Tortoise Sunglasses | Lipstick in ‘Bawse’

I said this a few times since the move but patios are big here. Really big. If an establishment has a few slabs of empty concrete in front of it, it transforms into an outdoor eating locale come summer. These odd little corners seemingly pop out of nowhere! Somewhere, someone decides it’s time to set up the planter boxes and chairs and poof! What do you have? A patio fit for a casual date night. But what do you wear? This off the shoulder dress. And how perfect is this one for this A Dress A Day series?

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A Dress A Day: Baseball Game Dress (Day 12)

striped t shirt dress with a levi's jean jacket

Striped T-shirt Dress (also here) | Jean Jacket | Jack Purcell Sneakers | Grey Saddle Bag | White Sunglasses | Gold Line Earrings | Lipstick in ‘Babe Alert’

Take me out to the ball game… if you’ve been following me on IG Stories then you know I find myself at a baseball game more than I would have thought. Matt, my Instagram husband, does such a good job supporting this blog that the least I can do is watch some sports and crack open some peanuts. I know there are other “baseball wives” out there (because y’all have DMed me). So for those gals that find themselves in a stadium every few weeks, or days if you’re really lucky, here’s what to wear. With Memorial Day here, I bet there’s more than a few of you!

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