Friday Five: 5 of the Cutest Sunglasses for Spring and Summer

endless rose bell sleeve cropped top

(full outfit linked here)

In case it wasn’t totally obvious, sunglasses are a huge part of Visions of Vogue. I’m guessing that comes as no surprise though. It’s rare you’ll see a photo of me here without them. In fact, I know it’s not surprising because over the years, I’ve had some really interesting comments about me and sunglasses. Such as:

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What Kind of Posts Do You Want to See More of?

colorful striped maxi dress in tampa

Colorful Maxi Dress | Leather Sandals | Tortoise Sunglasses | Similar White Bag

First off, I realize this post might look like every other post. It’s not (although I still linked my outfit which is a must have for spring). Don’t just skip through the photos. I’m hoping you’ll help me out a little today! So my ask is simple. What do you want to see more of from me? What kinds of posts do you love here on Visions of Vogue and which ones could you do without?

If you have thoughts, requests, or any kind of feedback, leave me a comment below! If you’re not comfortable with that, I totally get it – send me an email here. I promise to respond.

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Instagram Husband (From His Perspective)

beach engagement session in malibu california

We’ve all heard about the Instagram Husband. If I could count the number of times people have sent Matt and I that article, well… I can’t. It is too many. Not surprisingly, Matt has his own thoughts on the subject too. He’s not one to hold back. So today, I’m giving him the floor to share what it’s like from his perspective. As my other half behind the lens and partner in this little venture called Visions of Vogue, he deserves at least that. And a whole lot of baseball (which I explained here). It’s not all a romantic walk on the beach!

From his perspective…

Four years ago I had an idea. At the time, it was a fairly simple idea. A hobby for my wife. Little did I know this idea would materialize into what it is today; a little blog you’re reading at this moment plus an Instagram account with well over 100 thousand followers. Similar to said blog, I also didn’t know this idea would materialize into a hobby for myself. No, I don’t consider being knowledgeable about crop tops, designer handbags, and ombré hairstyles a hobby. But for more spring style inspo, here’s what she’s been talking about lately. My hobby has become photography.  Read More

White Midi Dress for Spring

White midi dress with brown Madewell sandals.

White Midi Dress | Madewell Sandals | Floral School Bag | Tortoise Sunglasses | Gold Necklace

I’m tired. It’s only Tuesday and I am over this work week like I’m over the man bun. Seriously. Who can say they like either of those things? If you have strong feelings either way, let me know in the comments. I don’t know about you but my only strong feelings are about this white midi dress right now. And a vacation.Read More