Friday Five: 5 Photography Tips (From His Perspective)

vince camuto silk burgundy pleated skirt from nordstrom

Burgundy Bubble Sleeve Sweater | Burgundy Pleated Skirt | Black Classic Pumps | Similar Black Bag | Gold Bar Necklace | Black Sunglasses

As many of you know, Matt has become my Instagram Husband by default. He isn’t professionally trained in photography but he is professionally trained in the phrase “happy wife, happy life“. Which means, he’s had to pick up a few skills he never wanted. If you’re reading this thinking that you wish your man would do this for you, trust me, it can be done. It takes millions of blurry photos, learning a lot about how to work together as a couple, and a superhuman amount of patience. But first, he has to know how to take a photo. So, here are 5 photography tips from a guy’s perspective.

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A Day at Le Méridien in Oakbrook

Spa Day at Le Meridien

Spa days are great, but spa days with your man are even better. Whether you can’t help but chuckle about how awkwardly he handles getting pampered or you just get a chance to relax together, there isn’t much to complain about. In fact, it’s the opposite. Last weekend, Matt and I took a break from the hustle of downtown Chicago and visited the spa at Le Méridien. Here’s how it went!

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Friday Five: 5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Hotel

where to stay in santorini

I’ve mentioned Matt’s ability to pick hotels in a few of my travel guides (most recently here and here). It’s amazing. Personally, I struggle to pick a dinner restaurant, let alone a place to call home for a few nights. The information is down right overwhelming. Not to mention the stress of questioning your decision. So, I figured it might be helpful to hear how he chooses where we stay! After all, there’s nothing better than knowing you made the best choice, right?

Here are Matt’s tips for picking a good hotel…

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Men’s Skincare Routine (And How to Get Your Man to Use One)

men's skincare routine

Taken in Greece (and totally posted on Facebook but I’m all about keeping it real!)

Getting a man to do something he doesn’t want to do is tough. If he doesn’t want to do something, newsflash, he isn’t going to. So how do you make him do something that’s good for him (like a skincare routine)? Persistence.

You dutifully perform your regime every night (here’s mine), maybe drop a few lines in there about how amazing your skin feels afterward. After hearing the word “skin” enough times, he’ll start to notice it. Maybe point out a wrinkle or two around his eyes. Gently, of course. Perhaps start with a face mask, share it on Instagram Stories (you know what I mean if you’re following me on Instagram). He’ll come around. Eventually…

So what does he really think about all these changes (aka improvements) you’ve been getting him into? Without further adieu, here are a man’s thoughts on a skincare routine. A word of warning, it’s “raw”.

If you love getting a guy’s perspective, here are more posts from Matt!

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