Best Natural Beauty Products at Nordstrom

best natural beauty products at Nordstrom

White Top (under $50!) | Boyfriend Jeans | Threader Earrings | Lip and Cheek Color in ‘Smile’ | Concealer in ’22’ | Tinted Un-Powder in ‘2-3’

We all love Nordstrom. For whatever our favorite reason(s) is, Nordstrom is just at the top of everyone’s list. As I’ve started talking about the best natural beauty products, I’ve heard so many of you express frustration with how difficult it is to get access to some of the safer options. Guess what! Nordstrom now has an entire section dedicated to wellness and here are the best products that you need to try! Read More

The Best Natural Lip Balm

best natural lip balms without toxic chemicals

When I first said I wanted to find the best natural lip balm on Instagram, I was surprised by how many of you were interested in hearing the results. Turns out, there are a lot of us with chapped lips! I felt like six lip balms was a good start (and I’ll keep adding to this list) so here’s where they rank in my book!Read More

Why this Beautycounter Products Deal is Worth It

Face mist, face mask, and face oil for healthy, glowing skin. - Why this Beautycounter Products Deal is Worth It by popular Chicago beauty blogger Visions of Vogue

I’ve talked about it a little but Beautycounter has a “Clean Swap” promotion happening that ends tomorrow. And it’s AMAZING. You can get great quality Beautycounter products that don’t have any toxic chemicals for free. Here’s what this promo is all about.

My recommendation: The best way to take advantage of this Beautycounter products deal is to buy the Band of Beauty Membership, shampoo, mascara, and lipstick. Then in your shopping cart, select the face oil, a conditioner, and Countermatch lotion. You will also see a free gift of my favorite charcoal face mask ($49 value) get added to your cart automatically! Your order total should be $116 and you will get 15% of credit toward your next order making it under $100! And I love all of these product recommendations.

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