A Day at Le Méridien in Oakbrook

Spa Day at Le Meridien

Spa days are great, but spa days with your man are even better. Whether you can’t help but chuckle about how awkwardly he handles getting pampered or you just get a chance to relax together, there isn’t much to complain about. In fact, it’s the opposite. Last weekend, Matt and I took a break from the hustle of downtown Chicago and visited the spa at Le Méridien. Here’s how it went!

We jumped into an Uber and headed out to the suburbs right after lunch on Saturday. We arrived at Le Méridien which is about 30 minutes outside the city (and conveniently located right next to a really good shopping mall). The lobby has this beautiful mural (shown above) and such a modern vibe. Each Le Méridien property is decorated to match the area it is in – this hotel’s theme was Chicago! It was so neat to see Chicago represented in a new light since we are almost at our year anniversary since we moved here!

As we waited for our appointment, the promise of a massage had us in such a state of zen! After checking into the front desk, we went into a spa suite where the staff asked us what we wanted worked on today. I said my upper back and Matt just didn’t fill out the form (of course). He told his masseuse “I just want to relax”… Duh?

The suite had all the amenities – fresh fruit, a spa shower, two massage tables, and peaceful music. We were asked to pick scents for body oils to use during the massage – I picked the Ylang Ylang and Matt picked Sandalwood. How manly of him! The masseuses started prepping the room while we got to relax. A little bit of context, Matt had only had a massage 2 times before this (once in Thailand and once in Bali). After his Thai massage, the masseuse gave up on him because he was so awkward and unable to relax. At the end of it, they had contorted him into some crazy position and the girl ended up falling off the table! So, I was ready for equally hilarious sights on Saturday!

However, everything went just as planned! I didn’t even hear a peep out of Matt during the entire 55 minute massage. Just the sound of the peaceful music! My masseuse did an amazing job at my massage and I recapped with Matt afterward – he said the same thing. After the massage was over, I couldn’t get Matt off the table! He looked like a little baby wrapped in the blankets. So content!

shower inspiration

We got to spend the next 40 minutes in the spa facilities before heading to dinner at El Tapeo (the Spanish restaurant at Le Méridien). Dinner blew our minds away! Having been to Spain, we weren’t sure what we would get considering we were in the middle of Chicago’s suburbs. We ordered a few apps including the Patatas Bravas which was one of our favorite dishes while in Spain. I also got the vegetarian paella which was so good – Matt got the chicken paella and said the same thing. You know a restaurant knows how to cook if they can do tofu right. And they prepared it so well! For dessert, we finished with some sorbet as a light way to end the meal!

vegetarian paella with tofu

After dinner, we were both so stuffed we decided to walk about Oakbrook Center and do a little shopping. They have so many good stores at that location! We walked around for about an hour (trying to work off our meal) before heading back to the city. It was so peaceful out in Oakbrook that we both were surprised at how nice it was to just relax! Before going right back to the busy city life…

PS. I also learned that you should have a massage every 2-3 months! Do any of you get regular massages? I get maybe one a year but I wouldn’t mind a few more!!

Here’s what Matt had to say: 

Massages in theory are a great concept. You don’t need me to list off all the benefits that coincide with a quality rub down. I on the other hand have not been as lucky. To be fair, the extent of my massage experience were at the mercy of masseuses while traveling in Thailand.  I walked into these parlors with high expectations and walked out feeling like I had been in a high speed car wreck.

Upon meeting the staff at Le Méridien I knew this experience would be different. Jenna and I were treated so graciously from the moment we arrived until the moment we left. As for the massage itself, I elected for an aroma style featuring a sandalwood scented oil. It was 55 minutes of pure bliss, so much so I spent another 30 minutes after the massage concluded laying on the massage table paralyzed in a euphoric trance. Yes, it was a bit awkward when I was eventually asked to leave but I hope this conveys my overall satisfaction level.

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4 thoughts on “A Day at Le Méridien in Oakbrook

  1. This spa looks and sounds fantastic! I love when I can enjoy a spa day with my hubby too though it happens very infrequently!! I think once in the Maldives when we were on our honeymoon and once in DC when we had an extended weekend in between his Military training for officers school…

    PS so glad Matt got to enjoy this one!

    xo, Laura

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