White Midi Dress for Spring

White midi dress with brown Madewell sandals.

White Midi Dress | Madewell Sandals | Floral School Bag | Tortoise Sunglasses | Gold Necklace

I’m tired. It’s only Tuesday and I am over this work week like I’m over the man bun. Seriously. Who can say they like either of those things? If you have strong feelings either way, let me know in the comments. I don’t know about you but my only strong feelings are about this white midi dress right now. And a vacation.Read More

The Perfect Beach Coverup

grey maxi dress from shopbop for the beach

Grey Maxi Dress (AKA Cover Up) | Pink Velvet Sandals | Pink Leather Tote | Pink Sunglasses | White Lace Bra | Threader Earrings (I love these because you can sleep in them!) | Gold Necklace

I always forget to pack cover ups when we’re going on vacation. Always. I don’t know what it is but they always seem to be an after thought. That’s why they were first on my list of 5 things to pack for a warm weather vacation.

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Tampa Style Guide

Beach coverup and a wide brim hat in Tampa, Florida.

Initially, I had wanted to do a Tampa travel guide. However, cute restaurants and Instagrammable walls didn’t take priority over batting practice and baseball stadiums this past weekend. Oh well. For all the quests to find a botanical garden I’ve dragged Matt on, he deserved a little time for himself. We did get a chance to spend a bit of time at our hotel which had a few cute spots. Even though things don’t always go as planned, I’m making lemonade out of lemons and doing a style guide instead!

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