Skincare with Colleen Rothschild Beauty

free people diamond top

Colleen Rothschild Discovery Kit (use VOGUE20 for 20% off regularly priced items!) | Pink Diamond Embroidered Top | Floral Embroidered Skinny Jeans 

If I learned anything from my first fall in Chicago, it’s that cooler weather affects you way more than you think. Sure, it’s an excuse to wear adorable booties and suede moto jackets. But I also saw about one hundred changes in my skin and hair. And not for the better. So this year, I’m getting ahead of things.

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Why You Need to Be Reading the Ingredients in Your Beauty Products

safe non toxic beauty products and ingredient

Let’s talk about why you need to read the ingredients in your beauty products. So far this week I’ve talked about this amazing palm print dress and this pretty emerald jewelry. Both are great but if you’ve been following me for awhile you know beauty (especially skincare) is near and dear to my heart. There are so many things to love about it! From seeing real results to just making you look your best, it’s getting to the top of my list when it comes to things I want to talk about. Especially since I keep getting asked what I’m using!

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An Undereye Skincare Routine with Venofye

Venofye Royal Jelly Bee Eye Collection

Beauty Products by Venofye

At this point in my life, skincare has become a very popular topic of daily conversation. My skincare routine was 90% of the way there last I talked about it. I had 2 products left to find: an eye cream that actually provided results and a good basic moisturizer. Nothing was blowing me away just yet. Recently, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about a brand called Venofye. You’ll see that play on words in a second. I decided that I wanted to see if their Royal Jelly Bee Eye Collection worked. See why I called it a play on words? Bees and buzz?

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10 Things You Need From the Sephora VIB Sale

Sephora VIB sale must haves

The Sephora VIB sale is a highly anticipated event in my household! Even Matt has learned what that means this year. I’ve recently gotten him started on a skincare routine and am pleasantly surprised by how accepting he has been. If you’ve ever watched my Instagram stories, you’ve probably see a few where he’s discovering the magic of face masks. It’s hilarious. But let’s get down to the good stuff: what you need to get during the sale!

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