Friday Five: The 5 Date Night Outfits He Wants You to Wear

Wine colored backless deep v bodycon dress for under $50

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wondered what a guy is thinking. I have. In fact, I probably do this at least once every day. It’s not like men are terribly complicated creatures. It’s just that sense of mystery that drives me nuts sometimes. You know, the lack of communication, the vague answers, the silence… What is he really thinking as he is crunching down his bowl of cereal at the breakfast table?

As much as I try to guess what’s going on in Matt’s mind, it’s impossible. Mostly, I just want to know what he wants. What he wants for dinner, what he wants to do this weekend, etc… One of the things that I always ask is what kind of outfit he likes to see me in. It’s just fun to get a guy’s perspective. Especially if we are going out on a date. And his answers always amaze me. It’s a thoroughly amusing game!

Throughout our relationship, his tolerance for this question has somewhat shortened. So, in an effort to get the answer without the eye rolling or the “yeah, that’s good”, I gave him a simple task. Screenshot 5 of his favorite Instagram outfits and write a few sentences about why he likes them. That way, I could truly get a sense for what he wanted without swaying him. This is what he really wants you to wear on date night!

Here’s what he said…

The Contortionist (seen above)

I think it’s a pretty consistent stance among men that we like tight clothes. With that said, out with the flowy dresses, in with the body-cons. Not only does this dress hit my criteria, it also shows off a perfect number of back. Not enough to be slutty, but enough to add a whole lot of sexiness to this already sexy dress.

Visions of Vogue- WAYF Set 1

Mid-Drifting Away

If you have the body to wear a two piece on the beach, why not wear a two piece to dinner! This top and bottom combo will make a man weak in the knees. While most of your high school fads are out of style, mid drifts are still in! Plus if you find yourself at an Italian restaurant, the perforated skirt doubles as a cheese grater.

Visions of Vogue - Red Off The Shoulder 9

Cupid’s Crush

As far as I know, there’s no song out there written about the girl in black, white, turquoise, blush, or any other shades. But there’s something about the color red that changes the game completely. That’s because there’s no other color quite like it. It turns heads and keeps them there. This little ensemble works all days of the year, not just Valentine’s Day like these heart sunglasses would make you think.

Free People Rosetta dress in sage green

Dirty Martini

The biggest compliment you can give a girl these days is that she looks Boho and this little number is straight from the Kingdom of Bohemia. It’s the perfect combo of style and sexy. Greek olives aren’t really my thing but I like this color, but if you don’t it comes in several others.

Visions of Vogue - Pleated Leather 9

Dark Night 

Have you ever wondered what Batgirl wears when she takes a night off from fighting crime in Gotham City? See above (it’s this moto jacket and these caged heels). Hipsters, chic, and goths unite, this outfit works for all. The only caveat is you may need a maid of honor type to follow you around to insure your skirt in tact, but if you can swing that you can swing this outfit.

14 thoughts on “Friday Five: The 5 Date Night Outfits He Wants You to Wear

  1. This might be my favorite Matt-related post yet. You two always have me cracking up! I gotta do this with B sometime and see what he ends up choosing!

    Stephanie //

  2. Haha this post it great! I love your husband’s take on all of these outfits! You look great in all of these!

  3. Omg the back on that burgundy dress- stunning!! And you’re so right- dressing for girls and dressing for guys is totally different!

    Xo, Kristina

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