7 Annoying Things About Living with Your Significant Other (Part 2)

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Y’all asked for more! If you missed our first post on annoying things about living with your significant other, this is the sequel. Living with your boo certainly isn’t easy. Men and women are different creatures. Heck, living with anyone can be challenging. Here are a few more things Matt and I seem to think differently about…

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6 Annoying Things About Living with Your Significant Other (Part 1)

his and her thoughts on living together

After almost 5 years of living together and 5.5 years since we met in a Vegas nightclub, Matt and I realized there are still mysteries in our relationship. They’re less about what the other person does at this point and more about why. You know, those shake your head moments that are so frustrating you can’t do anything but laugh? Or maybe shake your head and sink into the couch a little more? That’s what we’re talking about today. We rounded up a few of the habits that neither of us can seem to understand below. Hope you enjoy this peek into our cohabitation!

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Friday Five: 5 Times He Doesn’t Want You to Talk to Him

Today’s post was a little outside my comfort zone. If you saw Matt and I talking about this on Instagram Stories last night, then you know he did all the work for this post. I let him have free reign of topics. And this is what he felt most passionate about (at least at this point in time). So here goes!

(Written by Matt)

Jenna invited me back to speak on Visions of Vogue about whatever topic I wanted. Big risk on her part. This time around, I wanted to provide insight on something I felt both men and women would benefit from. What is it? The 5 times in life that he doesn’t want to talk. I know. This sounds a little harsh. I’m sure there are some ladies out there that are in denial, thinking to themselves “my man isn’t like that. He always wants to talk to me.”

[Donald Trump Voice]


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Instagram Husband (From His Perspective)

beach engagement session in malibu california

We’ve all heard about the Instagram Husband. If I could count the number of times people have sent Matt and I that article, well… I can’t. It is too many. Not surprisingly, Matt has his own thoughts on the subject too. He’s not one to hold back. So today, I’m giving him the floor to share what it’s like from his perspective. As my other half behind the lens and partner in this little venture called Visions of Vogue, he deserves at least that. And a whole lot of baseball (which I explained here). It’s not all a romantic walk on the beach!

From his perspective…

Four years ago I had an idea. At the time, it was a fairly simple idea. A hobby for my wife. Little did I know this idea would materialize into what it is today; a little blog you’re reading at this moment plus an Instagram account with well over 100 thousand followers. Similar to said blog, I also didn’t know this idea would materialize into a hobby for myself. No, I don’t consider being knowledgeable about crop tops, designer handbags, and ombré hairstyles a hobby. But for more spring style inspo, here’s what she’s been talking about lately. My hobby has become photography.  Read More