6 Step Night Skincare Routine

best night skincare routine for anti-aging - 6 Step Night Skincare Routine by popular Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

Here are all the products for my night skincare routine (directions are below!):

Makeup Remover | Face Wash | Toner | Eye Cream | Serum | Face Oil | Face Lotion

It’s been over a year since I first wrote about my night skincare routine so I thought it was time for a refresh! If you’re new here, I’m a skincare girl first, then makeup. I like my skin to look it’s best before putting on makeup so I have to use less! I’ve kept this routine constant for about 2 years with only a few changes so that should tell you how good it is!Read More

How to Protect Your Hair in Winter

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Top 3 recommendations: Repair & Nourish collection, Split End Serum, and Hair Oil

Hair and skin are one of the first things to get out of whack (at least for me) when winter hits. It’s a season long struggle of trying to just maintain, let alone improve! Two weeks ago I shared my secrets to keeping your skin hydrated during these drier months. Today, I’m writing a similar post about hair!

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